FLIP Nursing Scholarship Program

The FLIP Nursing Scholarship Program aims to address and mitigate the significant Indigenous nursing workforce gap and improve the identification, recruitment, and professional development of motivated individuals pursuing a nursing career in local tribal communities.

Executive Summary

Program Purpose

According to the United States (US) Department of Health and Human Services the US healthcare system is facing a critical nursing shortage that was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, there are only 0.4% of registered nurses that are American Indian or Alaskan Native (AI/AN) representing only about 13,000 nurses in the United States -not nearly enough to provide quality healthcare for AI/AN communities. These statistics are especially troubling given that Indigenous populations have higher than average rates of 15 of the 16 leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Native American youth have disproportionately high rates of mental health illnesses, including suicide rates.

These healthcare disparities must be addressed to provide culturally relevant and competent care to this population, which has already been uniquely and adversely impacted by historical, social, and economic challenges and decades of systemic discrimination and racism. Native American and Alaskan Native healthcare providers working the frontlines within their own communities are more likely to make a difference in the health of indigenous people because of their deep understanding, respect, and appreciation for the culture and unique context in which they live. In 2015, the National Academy of Medicine echoed this sentiment, stating“ evidence suggests that racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse health care providers are likely to practice in communities with similar populations, improving access to and quality of health care in those communities”.  Currently most nurses staffing IHS and Tribal hospitals are non-Native Americans and many are hired on a temporary basis as traveling nurses with no permanent connection to these communities.

Program Details

For many AI/AN individual’s navigating their way through nursing school, the cost of higher education can be an extraordinary burden to overcome. The FLIP Nursing Scholarship Program will provide financial support for nursing education costs by providing a stipend of $500 per month (prorated for number of days enrolled/month) for approved expenses (housing costs, food, childcare, and transportation) while enrolled and in good academic standing at an accredited nursing school at the associate or bachelor’s degree level. The funds are distributed retroactively (at the end of the semester/term) if all eligibility criteria are met, and all required supporting documents/receipts are submitted when requested. The scholarship will preferentially be given to those individuals motivated to contribute to their Tribal communities upon graduation. Once accepted into the program the scholarship is valid for one academic calendar school year if the student continues to meet all eligibility requirements including being in good academic standing.

Selection Committee Members

Valerie Dobiesz, MD, MPH, FACEP

Director of FLIP

Anna Meyer, DNP, RN

Director of Nursing Collaboration for FLIP

Charlene C, Hollins, DNP,MSN,APPRN, FNP-C

Fall 2023-2024
FLIP Nursing Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Wendell Phillips and Shantal Harvey for becoming the first awardees of the FLIP Nursing Scholarship. We hope this scholarship will aid you in pursuing a career in nursing. We would also like thank our selection committee for their time and dedication to this initiative.

Wendell Phillips

"Yinishye. (I am called Wendell Phillips)

Maii Deeshgiizhnii (I am of the Coyote Pass – Jemez)

Tsinaajinii (I am born of the Black Streak Wood People)

Tse nijikini (Honey Combed Rock are my Maternal Grandfathers)

To aheedliinii (The Water Flow Together are my Paternal Grandfathers)

I am from a place called Greasewood Springs and I resided on St. Michaels, Arizona.

I am both honored and humbled to be a recipient of the inaugural Front Line Indigenous Partnership (FLIP) Nursing Scholarship for 2023. This means, I am now going to be a health care provider to our Navajo People. Health care has been a concern on the Navajo Reservation due to the area. Navajo Nation currently has five service units, Chinle, Crownpoint, Gallup, Kayenta, Shiprock and five P.L. 93-638 contracts and compacts with Tribal health corporations, which includes Tsehootsooi Medical Center, Winslow Indian Health Care Center Inc., Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, Sage Memorial, and Utah Navajo Health System Inc. Navajo People still have to drive a great distance just to seek health care, which comes with family and logistical concerns. Being a recipient will allow me to continue on my path, to one day helping my Navajo People. Offering guidance, support, and assistance in seeking quality health care. I want to thank the selection committee in granting me this honor in becoming a Male Navajo Nurse."

Shantal Harvey

“Receiving the FLIP Front Line Indigenous scholarship means that I am able to fulfill my life-long dreams and goals of becoming a Nurse and giving back to my native community. Being granted this scholarship validates my self-confidence of knowing I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do and achieve. It also validates that I am bright, strong, courageous and I'm on the right path to have a successful career.

Thank you again for this honor and opportunity to allow me to prove myself academically and as a strong Dine (Navajo) woman, mother, daughter and granddaughter.”

Application Process

  • Application Requirements
    • Proof of Tribal Membership with a Tribal Enrollment Card
    • Proof of being accepted or currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited nursing program (associate or bachelor’s degree level)
    • Proof of being in good academic standing to receive funds (passing grades of C or greater on all subjects)
    • Must submit two letters of recommendation that address applicants’ motivation and commitment to pursuing a career in nursing as well as willingness to contribute to their Tribal community (letters ideally should be from teachers who can speak to the candidate’s academic potential and should NOT be from family members). Applicants must reapply each academic school year to be eligible for funding.
    • Complete one essay (~250 words) on the applicant’s motivation to pursue a career in nursing and one essay (~250 words) regarding desire to give back to your Tribal community.
  • Application Timeline and Notice of Award
    • Fall semester applications are due by July 1st prior to semester start.
    • Spring semester applications are due by October 15th prior to semester start.
    • Summer semester applications are due by April 15th prior to semester start.